Extensions Care

Clients Home Haircare

1. Do not shampoo hair for at least 2 days after applying extensions.

2. When going to bed, it is recommended that the hair be pulled back with a soft hair tie to keep the hair from getting tangles.

3. Brush or comb using only the provided Hair extension loop brushes and combs.

4. Use gentle strokes to prevent damage to the bonds. Never pull on the bond.

5. Do not use silicon based products.

6. Do not use products on hair that contain sulfur, such as dandruff shampoos.

7. Use only the specified hair extension shampoo, conditioner and hair cleansing ph balancing formula.

8. When shampooing and drying use gentle strokes. Do not use a scrubbing motion. Make sure you completely dry the hair and the bonds.

9. Shampoo hair as indicated above as soon as possible after swimming.

10. Do not use oil base or silicone base products on hair, as these may weaken the bond.

11. Wash hair leaning your head backwards, not forward this prevents tangling of the bonds.

12. Make sure to keep maintenance appointment in 2 weeks to check extensions and replace any extensions if necessary.